The brand

Our goal is to offer you high quality office furniture that is well design, functional, practical, and affordable-products with compatibility and work in harmony with your building. Because our slogan "When the beautiful meets the useful" drives us through every day, we are committed to always creating products that combine beauty and utility.


Acquisition of Albert, stationery suppliers. Alba starts operating.


With growing success, Alba then becomes a distributor of all types of office equipment (supplies, electronic letter scales, etc.).


The first sketches are drawn and Alba becomes a designer with style at heart its activities, most notably the creation of the first Alba coat stand, the Festival.


The family business is growing and is now entering the European and American markets. Our goal: to be present where there is demand for stylish office products.


Alba becomes more efficient and improves its assembly systems and packaging.


Creation of dedicated and specialized brands: Rendez-vous, Move Hop, We Light, and finally Close2Clothes.

60 ans d'experience

Alba is a unique company that for 60 years has had only one dream: to promote and create good office life and guarantee you a pleasant working environment. The Alba adventure began with the acquisition of A. Albert, then trading in paper clips and rubber bands. Alba then begins its commercial activities with the packaging of paper clips and pens in Paris. Then, on the strength of its success, the company broadens its horizons and offers products to office supply retailers. In 1982, the Alba brand is finally born. As an innovator the company approaches the TEFAL group to develop electronic weighing products and wins Ipsa Award for the first vertical letter scale.

In the 2000s, Alba focuses on Innovation and Design. With the recruitment of two in-house designers, Alba creates exclusive models that embody the soul of the company and meet the needs of professionals. In 2004, the very first coat stand, the Festival model, is born. It’s a resounding success and the coat stand becomes a ‘must-have’ decorative element in every office.

Alba develops new product ranges until it becomes a multi-specialist in its field. From Paris to New York, the brand goes international and opens its doors to the European and American markets. The opportunities for setting up operations are growing, and trusted relationships are formed with local agents who set up long-term activities in each country.

In 2015, the company adopted a new approach to marketing: Alba  wants to be know as the creator of great office spaces. The teams design on-trend, easy-to-use products for a professional environment designed with the user in mind. Our mission: to create a coherent and warm working environment. With the brands Close2Clothes (for clothing care), Move Hop (for ergonomics and MSD prevention), We Light (for lamps and floor lamps) and Rendez-vous (for sharing spaces), Alba asserts its expertise and professionalism. Always with innovation and design the key drivers, the slogan "When the beautiful meets the useful" takes on its full meaning.

Alba has continued to make progress, but it doesn’t stop there. With the desire to simplify the assembly systems of its products as much as possible, Alba has developed quick, easy, and tool-free assembly. To date, almost all Alba products can be assembled in less than five minutes. An important element for Alba: each product is delivered with optimized packaging with recycled, and recyclable materials to limit its carbon footprint.

A family business

A family business

Joseph PARIENTE chose to collaborate with the next generation of the family and recruited his three children into the business.  In 1977, Jacques PARIENTE took over the reins of the company, with Samuel PARIENTE joining in 1982 and Mylène SROUSSI in 1986.

Today, they play strategic roles within the company: Marketing and Product Development, Finance, and Sales (France/Export). For them, it is important to keep close to staff, agents, and customers and now they lead a team of 15 creating and developing functional, ergonomic, and contemporary products.




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